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Rock Climbing in a Weekend

Forget dinner and a movie: take your new squeeze on an adventure date

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In the movie Good Will Hunting, when Skylar proposes the idea of going for coffee, Will Hunting replies: “Or we could sit around and eat a bunch of caramels.  …when you think about it, it’s just as arbitrary as drinking coffee.” Aren’t we bored with the dating status quo?  The first get-to-know-you-better encounter typically revolves around coffee, and the first official date is dinner and a movie.  I once went on three first dates in two weeks and each time, I followed the formula.  The words “coffee,” “dinner,” and “movie” habitually fell from my lips, as unstoppable as a bodily function.  This approach began to feel like a chore, which clashed with the very nature of a first date. First…

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