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American Idol ends: What are your fondest memories?

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When I chatted with Kelly Clarkson shortly after her historical American Idol victory, I was struck by a distinct note of awe in her voice. She just couldn’t believe it had happened to her. In fact, she could scarcely believe she was in the process of being interviewed. A down-to-earth, naturally charming person had been thrust into the limelight and even after she’d had some time to become accustomed, she was still starry-eyed. Compared to other celebrity interviews I’d conducted, she was a breath of fresh air. And this got me to thinking: How many lives would this show change? Furthermore, how far will the show go, and how will it be remembered? Perhaps we can now address the latter question, as…

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Jane Austen reveals her addiction to reality shows

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It is not often that we have the opportunity to chat with a literary genius, so we leapt at the chance to interview author Jane Austen. As her reality series, The Jane Games, enters Round 2, she took time from her busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about the show. LFW: You are the creator and host of The Jane Games. What was your inspiration? JA: I attended a production of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged and I thought:  What a charming way for Will’s heroes, maidens and knaves to meet each other. I realized my ladies had never been formally introduced to one another, so I sought the most modern and entertaining way to put…

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