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Heat Index: 5 Hot New Memoirs We Couldn’t Put Down

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New memoirs have been popping up everywhere and I’m super excited about a number of them. Sometimes, Heat Index topics come easily, while other weeks it’s a struggle to narrow the field of books to one genre. That was not my problem this time around, as I continued to stumble upon memoir after memoir. There’s a little here for everyone! Enjoy. Driving Hungry: A Memoir, Layne Mosler (Pantheon, July 14)  “Building on the success of her blog, Taxi Gourmet, Mosler recounts the story of her transcontinental search for a vocation. Mosler’s lively and accessible writing style joyfully captures the satisfaction gained by trusting your instincts and seeking out new places, food, and people.” —Kirkus Reviews Heat Index: We couldn’t help but…

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