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Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s 5 queenly role models

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Welcome to the world, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge! Even though you’re the younger sister to Prince George, no pushy younger brother will ever knock you out of your spot as fourth in line to the throne. Happily, Her Majesty, the Royal Great-Grandmum, saw to it. As role models go, Elizabeth II isn’t a bad one, but your school years will be brimming with tales of Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, great-great-Grandmum Elizabeth and Victoria. Just in case you get popped to the top of the list (hey, it could happen—ask Great-Grandmum), we want to inspire you with the other great queens in British history

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From waif to monarch, JUMBO was symbolic of Victorian life

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 Born in 1861 in French Sudan, imported to Paris as a two year old calf, then later sold to the London Zoo at Regent’s Park, Jumbo the elephant delighted countless children (including Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt) with rides and treats gently taken from outstretched hands. Each night, after the children and their families had gone home, he was mistreated in an attempt to keep him docile. By the time he reached sexual maturity, the abused and isolated animal had become dangerously unstable. He was sold to showman P.T. Barnum in 1881 (despite letters from 100,000 British schoolchildren who wrote to Queen Victoria begging her to prevent the sale) and brought to America. There, in the company of other elephants…

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