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Six Packs and Stepsisters: These 10 New Sports-Themed Romances Score Big

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The other day on a whim I decided to watch the first episode of Fox’s new show, Pitch. And OMG I haven’t stopped watching since. Full of strong women, sizzling chemistry and a romance that I’m already rooting for, Pitch is the sports show we all need in our lives right now. It’s also reminding me of how much I love great sports-themed romances!   Luckily for me (and you too!) athlete heroes are all the rage these days, dominating the New Adult and contemporary romance shelves. From the six-pack abs to the never-ending capacity for sport puns, these sexy stories are almost always a home run. #SorryNotSorry Here are 10 recent sports-themed romances that are most definitely hitting it out of the…

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