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Record-breaking Picasso: Is $179 million too much?

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Everyone knows the name Pablo Picasso, even if most can’t afford any of his legendary works. Don’t go rooting around in your couch for extra pennies; we’re talking many, many millions. As an example: Picasso’s famous “Women of Algiers” painting just sold at a Christie’s auction for a whopping $179.3 million, well over the pre-sale estimate of $140 million. The crazy number represents a new world record; Alberto Giacometti’s life-size sculpture of “Pointing Man” also set a record ($141.3 million). The painting in question is, unsurprisingly, cubist; a depiction of nude courtesans, created between 1954 and 1955. It’s an intriguing work – like all of Picasso’s pieces – but of course, the master’s life is even more intriguing. Perhaps the…

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