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Chill Out: Cold Vacation Destination Travel Books to Save You from the Summer Heat

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Everyone loves summer, right? From thigh sweat to sand in your shorts, it’s everyone’s favorite season. Ice cream making your hands sticky? No problem. Loud kids everywhere because they’re out from school? Bring it on! Mosquito bites galore after a late-night barbecue? Who cares….? If summer is weighing on you a bit, fear not – there are some fantastic vacation destinations that will bring you sweet wintry relief. We’ve got the low-down on the chilliest out-of-the-way vacation spots for your inner Yeti and the travel guides you’ll need along the way! You don’t need to melt to catch some sweet summer fun! Patagonia  Image Courtesy National Geographic   If you’re looking to visit the one place on Earth that’s closest…

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