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Raphael Montes’ Perfect Days Leaves You with a Thriller-Sized Book Hangover

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Isn’t it the absolute worst when you finish a book and all you have left are a ton of questions? #bookhangover! Well, that’s exactly what happened when I finished Raphael Montes‘ Perfect Days (Penguin Press, February 2016). The crime writer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had me literally on the edge of my seat from the very beginning and then… I fell off the chair. So what’s it about? Perfect Days, is the perfect thriller! Medical student, Teo, meets the girl of his dreams. But this is not your typical love story that comes to mind. Unfortunately, Teo and his newfound “girlfriend” are about to embark on a journey that they will certainly never forget… or will they? It’s seriously, Gone Girl meets Dexter; Secluded cabins meets…

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