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“Olicity” Watch: Has a Vengeful Oliver Gone Over to the Darhk Side?

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Welcome to angst-town, population Arrow fans everywhere. The sunny, suburban, kissy “Olicity” days are clearly behind us, and the second half of Season 4 is shaping up to be a dark and scary place. Buckle up people, because it’s pretty obvious that this train-of-drama is only just starting to leave the station. After a hiatus that seemed like it would never end, here’s the latest “Olicity Watch” for Arrow 4×10: “Blood Debts.” Recap: When last we left Oliver and Felicity, he had romantically proposed right before Darhk’s men shot up their limo—and Felicity along with it (I still can’t listen to The Little Drummer Boy, FYI). “Blood Debts” is all about the aftermath and it isn’t pretty:…

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