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“Olicity” Watch Part 2: Oh No, They Didn’t! Olicity Heads for Troubled Waters

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Grrrr. This was a rough one. Character development went out the window in favor of cheap, manufactured drama this week. Oliver Queen is not looking good right now and “Olicity” is skating on thinner ice than it has in…maybe forever. After seven episodes of a flawlessly handled relationship, the writers have decided to start blowing stupid, stupid holes in our ‘ship. Fine. I’m not crying, you’re crying. In all its imperfect glory, here’s our “Olicity” Watch for Arrow 4×08: Legends of Yesterday: Recap: Team Arrow and Team Flash work together to try and stop Vandal Savage from destroying the city. Kendra has to learn to control her powers, as Savage demands the two reincarnated lovers be brought…

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