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“Olicity” Watch: Lost Souls and John Constantine Gets Otherwordly

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Warning: spoilers ahead! Each week we’re bringing you the best of “Olicity” moments on Arrow—from those reassuring hand touches to the day Oliver finally makes out with Felicity in the new lair. Here’s our “Olicity” Watch for 4×05, Haunted: Recap: This was once again a Lance-heavy episode, with Oliver finally figuring out that Sara Lance was resurrected and that she’s the blonde running all over town trying to kill Thea look-a-likes (as Thea Queen was the one who unknowingly killed her way back at the start of Season 3). Without her soul, Sara is a pretty scary thing to behold, all animalistic and just as badass as usual. It makes Laurel Lance’s Black Canary look like a Halloween costume, to…

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