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Breathlessly awaiting Sleepy Hollow Season 2–here’s your perfect reading list

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No television show left its characters in more peril at the end of Season 1 than Sleepy Hollow. Crane buried alive! Abbie trapped in an otherworldly doll house! Katrina at the mercy of the Headless Horseman! Frank in prison for murder! Jenny trapped in a crushed car! And the Cranes’ long-lost son revealed to be none other than War, a Horseman of the Apocalypse. My fingernails are getting worn to nubs from hanging onto the edge of that cliff. Sleepy Hollow is a heady mixture of American history, the Book of Revelations, horror, unexpected family drama and yes, humor. It asks a wacky question: What if the American Revolution was really a battle against the forces of evil to prevent…

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