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5 Things We Need from Ruth Bader Ginsburg Book Publishing in 2017

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Trust me when I say this—Ruth Bader Ginsburg rocks. There’s a good reason why she’s affectionately known as The Notorious RBG. About a dozen years ago I had the great pleasure to meet the U.S. Supreme Court Justice and I’ve been a fan ever since. She’s brilliant, feisty, dedicated and outspoken. When she was asked when there will be enough women on the Supreme Court she shot back, “When there’s nine.” She pointed out that no one was shocked when there were nine men. Why shouldn’t there be nine women? You can imagine my delight when I learned that Ginsburg and her authorized biographers are preparing a book of her writings and speeches, My Own Words, due out from Simon &…

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The Notorious RBG: We love the new rock star feminist!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done some amazing things. But prior to the current craze that’s sweeping the Internet, putting this woman’s name and rock ‘n roll in the same sentence was usually part of a joke. Oh, ha-ha, a societal and political leader elevated to the Supreme Court, who doesn’t exactly sport the latest fashions, is a what? A rock star? Please. Oh, but she is. The legendary feminism leader, and one of the most critical figures in American history, is heating up the digital space. She’s got it all rolling now; there’s a new biopic starring Natalie Portman, her well-documented role in the gay marriage issue, and that glove. Wait, a glove? This picture showed up in TIME magazine and added fuel to…

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