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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve style

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New Year’s Eve can be a tough holiday to dress for. Finding plans is sometimes hard enough, let alone finding that perfect NYE look. But have no fear—whether you’re chilling on the couch or crowding into a Manhattan bar, we’ve got an outfit for you. Here are four different looks for whatever your New Year’s Eve plans may be: Out on the Town New Year’s Eve is the one holiday where you can get away with dressing like a disco ball, so why not go all out? This bright, flashy dress screams fancy New Year’s Eve party. So whether you’re hitting the newest club or the hottest party in town, just remember that you can’t go wrong with gold sequins…

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Sleeping with elephants on New Year’s Eve

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We were camping near the Tsavo River in southern Kenya. A quiet New Year’s Eve, my wife and I on cots under mosquito nets, our youngest son (nine) stretched out on the jeep’s front seat with the windows closed against mosquitoes, and the two older boys on cots under mosquito nets in a canvas tent. It was one of those soft and lovely Kenya nights – a warm breeze carrying a taste of water and of the surrounding savanna that has heated all day under the sun. We’d had a splendid New Year’s dinner of peanut butter on undercooked banana bread and water purified with iodine. It had been a long day on the savanna and everyone was sleepy. A…

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