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Nepal Quake Aftermath: Kung fu nuns to the rescue

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No, “Kung Fu Nuns” isn’t the name of some low-budget martial arts flick. It’s the description of the group that has been helping injured Nepal after a 7.8 earthquake devastated the region. Hailing from the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery, the “kung fu nuns” sprang into action after the disaster. As Jigme Konchok, 21, told the Washington Post, they didn’t “shriek in fear or crouch on the floor crying.” Instead, they dodged falling pieces of wall, thanks to four years of speed and agility training. These nuns didn’t like the accepted gender stereotypes in the Buddhist monastic religion, so they studied kung fu from a Vietnamese teacher. Their discipline isn’t about hurting people; on the contrary, as evidenced by their work…

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