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The Uncanny X-MEN: Heroes for the outsider in all of us

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One of the hallmarks of the great mythical hero is that he or she is apart from society—an outcast. Sure, Robin Hood may steal from the rich and give to the poor, but what thanks does he get? He’s branded an outlaw, hounded by the authorities, and forced to live in the forest. So it is with Marvel Comics’ Uncanny X-Men, heroes who, while maybe not possessing the household name of a Superman or Spider-Man, have defined the pinnacle of comic book success during the past five decades. The X-Men were created by two of comicdom’s most legendary figures, writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, in 1963. Lee and Kirby envisioned a team of young mutants—people born with special…

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Your mutant primer: The X-MEN Cheat Sheet (no spoilers!)

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We agents of the BookTrib Nerd Squad may be grown adults with grown adult lives, but we’ve been trembling like bunny rabbits in anticipation of X-Men Days of Future Past ever since plans for the movie were announced. Like Marvel’s The Avengers, this movie will assemble for the first time casts of different movies from a franchise that features comic book heroes whose adventures we followed in print throughout our formative years (in fact, one member of the Nerd Squad grew up just a stone’s throw from the X-Men’s fictitious base of operations!). The new film also will tell one of the team’s greatest stories, in which the future of all the world’s humans and mutants are at stake. Wait—mutants?…

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