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Ever wonder what Elizabeth Bennet would wear to Mr. Bingley’s party?

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Ever wonder what modern-day Elizabeth Bennet would wear to Mr. Bingley’s house party? Or what twenty-first century outfit Anna Karenina might chose to throw herself in front of a high speed rail? Well, wonder no more—here are four modern outfits inspired by some of your favorite classical novels. But first, the covers to inspire your contemporary creations. Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennett knows how to dress herself for a party. And this Stop Staring dress is a more modern silhouette of the Regency dresses she’s used to. Throw in a little (*ahem* cheap *ahem*) bling and she’s all ready to catch Darcy’s eye while house music blares on in the background.   Anna Karenina If any classic novel heroine could pull…

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