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LISTEN: For All of the Readers and Writers Who Love Their Craft, We Welcome Gabriela Pereira’s DIY MFA Podcast!

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Whether you’re a reader or a writer, a teacher or a student, a librarian or a publisher, DIY MFA is the perfect outlet to improve both your reading and writing techniques. Broken down into one simple formula, DIY MFA believes: “Writing + Reading + Community = MFA (Master of Fine Arts).” This do-it-yourself community provides tools, tips and insight into the world of writing, because as we all know, there is always room for improvement. This insanely helpful and well done podcast covers a range of topics from “Developing themes” to “What happens if your book doesn’t sell” to “Lessons from bestsellers” and even simply “Finding time to read.” When you feel like you’ve hit a lull in your writing career or…

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This Week’s Featured Stories From AuthorBuzz Authors

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Dear Reader, See what this week’s authors have to say! In each AuthorBuzz note you’ll receive invitations to join contests, get free books, bookplates or bookmarks, read personal stories, and more. Dear Reader, I envisioned Devoted as a romantic, sexier version of those old Rock Hudson/Doris Day films I grew up loving. You know the type. Handsome and a little shady, the hero plays a game with the heart of gold heroine only to find himself head over heels in love and backed into a corner of his own making. Business can be war, but love’s the ultimate prize in Devoted. I hope you enjoy reading Flynn and Amy’s sexy skirmish as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please write to [email protected]

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