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Mid-Life Crisis

Live Interview with Alex Sheshunoff and A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise

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So You Too Can: – Move to a South Pacific Island – Wear a Loincloth – Read a Hundred Books – Diaper a Baby Monkey – Build a Bungalow And Maybe, Just Maybe, Fall in Love! * * Individual results may vary. The true story of how a quarter-life crisis led to adventure, freedom, and love on a tiny island in the Pacific. From the author of a lot of emails and several Facebook posts comes A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise, a laugh-out-loud, true story that will answer your most pressing escape-from-it-all questions, including: 1. How much, per pound, should you expect to pay a priest to fly you to the outer islands of Yap? 2. Classic slumber party stumper:…

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