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Max Baer & The Star of David

Smart Reads: 5 Fascinating Books that Shed a Fresh Light on History

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For some reason, late winter is the most historical time of the year. President’s Day. Martin Luther King Day. Black History Month. Women’s History Month. Maybe it’s because we need some really smart reads to tide us over until the daffodils bloom. If history, or fiction-driven retellings based on history, is your jam, we’ve got just the thing. Here are five fascinating books that will make you wish for a snow storm to give you a day off so you can curl up and read. Max Baer & The Star of David by Jay Neugeboren (Mandel Vilar Press; February 11, 2016) “Neugeboren has never been better than in this lush, joyful novel—as erotic and mysterious as The Song of Songs…

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