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Telling her own secrets: MariNaomi’s autobiographical comics

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Humor and occasional heartbreak marked MariNaomi’s first book, Kiss & Tell, a graphic memoir of the author/cartoonist’s love interests from ages 5 to 25 (topics ranged from chapters titled “The Most Beautiful Penis I’ve Ever Seen” to “My Dad is So Naïve!”). In her second graphic memoir, Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories (2D Cloud and Uncivilized Books, 2014), MariNaomi once again mines her own life for memorable events, this time in episodes revolving around family matters, friendships, work, and the occasional romantic interlude. In this book, the illustrations are somewhat haphazardly broken into short and long vignettes that vary in style, sometimes sparse, at other times more text-heavy. Collectively, the stories leave the reader with the sense of a…

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