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DIY MFA Radio Episode 126: From Agent to Editor — Interview with Mitch Hoffman

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This week Gabriela Pereira switch gears a little bit and features an interview with editor-turned-agent Mitch Hoffman. During the interview, Mitch gives a behind-the-scenes look at the acquisitions process and what really happens when an agent sends a manuscript to an editor. He and Gabriela discuss the factors that determine whether a book makes it to publication, and who all the major players are who contribute to that decision. Most important, Mitch talks about what agents can do to champion an author’s work, and help it find the right “home” with a publisher who truly loves that manuscript. For more detailed show notes visit DIYMFA.com/126.

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Calling All U.S. Military Authors: Fiction Writing Competition

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Koehler Books has unveiled a new imprint, Battle Flag Books, which serves members of the United States Armed Forces. As a way to honor those who are currently serving or have served the United States, Battle Flag Books is launching its first writing competition, in which the grand prize winner will land a traditional publishing deal and $300. John Koehler, president and publisher of Koehler Books, explains the inspiration for the contest: ““My dad flew P-61 Black Widow night fighters during WWII. He gave 27 years of his life to serve our country. Plus the fact that I live in Virginia Beach and this area is loaded with military folks and their families. I know there’s a lot of military writers…

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