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Devastating TV Deaths: How ‘The 100’ Cut Open Old Wounds

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Warning – Major The 100 Spoilers Ahead! Last week, The CW’s post-apocalyptic teen show, The 100, delivered a pretty shocking death. That’s really saying something, as fans of the show are used to characters dying in horrific ways. But when Lexa, fan-favorite and badass Grounder Commander, took a stray bullet and died in Clarke’s arms, I gasped out loud and then cried a bucket of tears. Look, I get it, The 100 doesn’t pull any punches. Based on a series of YA novels by Kass Morgan, the show has veered wildly from the original source material, killing characters with abandon. No one is safe, including main characters (like when Clarke stabbed her lover Finn in the heart to prevent his torture at…

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