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Add one part Julia and stir: Karen Karbo’s JULIA CHILD RULES

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Books about Julia Child are among my secret reading pleasures. But I was skeptical when I heard about Karen Karbo’s Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life (skirt! Books/Globe Pequot Press). It sounded like yet another gimmicky project, like the blog-book-movie phenomenon, Julie and Julia. I must admit that I enjoyed Julie Powell’s account of her year of cooking every recipe in Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking; it’s a funny, engaging, stylishly written page-turner. But there’s a quality about it that’s so anti-Julia—an edge of smugness and seeming lack of compassion for, well, humanity. In the first chapter of the book, Powell encounters a mentally ill homeless person on her way home from a bad day at work…

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The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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When I was growing up, it would have been hard to imagine the proliferation of cookbooks that offer today’s cooks instruction in the art of the family dinner. In the past few years, food personalities like Rachael Ray, Laurie David and Sara Moulton as well as other less prominent folk (myself included), have issued volumes on quick dinners, slow dinners, special dinners and everyday dinners.  Each author takes a unique approach to the subject of dinner, and each book offers its own charms. Back when I was growing up, family dinner was just what you did. Every night. Mom cooked a hot meal, the kids set the table, Dad came home from work and everyone sat down to eat and…

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