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How to Innovate For Radically Greater Social Good

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Despite enormous investments of time and money, are we making a dent on the social and environmental challenges of our time? What if we could exponentially increase our impact? Around the world, a new generation is looking beyond greater profits for meaningful purpose. But unlike business, few social interventions have achieved significant impact at scale. Inspired by the modern innovation practices popularized by Eric Ries’ bestseller The Lean Startup that have fueled technology breakthroughs touching every aspect of our lives, Anne Mei Chang’s  Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good (Wiley) turns our attention to a new goal – radically greater social good. Social change is far more complicated than building a new app. It requires more listening, more…

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‘Getting to the Green’: Talking Money and Finances with Author and Financial Planner Altair Gobo

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Altair Gobo has a unique way of looking at money, financial planning and wealth: He sees similarities between money management and the game of golf. Taking his experience as an avid golfer for 20 years and his 35 years as a CFP, Altair put this analogy and experience together in his new book, Getting to the Green: Golf, Financial Planning, and Life, Not Necessarily in That Order.   BookTrib recently had a sit down with Gobo to talk about his book and to ask one very critical question: ‘Is it ever too late to plan for the future?’ BookTrib: You’ve taken a really unique approach to explaining financial planning; you liken it to the game of golf. How did you come…

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