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DATELINE 1907 – Helmets, Broken Noses and Pretty Boys

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Brian Meehl is the author of Blowback ’07 (MCP Books, November 1, 2016) and this article is the sixth in a new series discussing the radical changes in football from the 1905 to 1907.  Football introduces the first head protection: the “nose guard.” Who needs a helmet when players grow their hair long for all the skull protection they need. OK, if 1907 players fear a broken nose more than a broken head, are they dumb pretty-boys, or just plain tough? You be the judge. The “starting 11” means just that. You play both ways, offense & defense. Substitutions? Sure, but if you leave the game, you’re done, like in baseball. The only exception is if an injury takes you out, then…

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