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Screw you, Spoilers! The 100’s Shawna Benson on Dodging Bullets

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You know what sucks? Spoilers! In the ever-growing digital age it’s hard to get away from them. They’re on your phone, they’re on your computer, they’re even blurted out by co-workers in the cubicle next to you. So What’s a Spoiler? Shawna Benson, staff writer on the CW’s post-apocalyptic series The 100 says that “a spoiler is an information leak about a story in any medium that appears before the large mass of humanity is able to actually read or watch said media.” For example, last season on The 100 the (extremely passionate) fandom went ballistic after a clip featuring an unexpected lip lock between Clarke [Eliza Taylor] and Lexa [Alycia Debnam-Carey] was “leaked,” but according to an article E!…

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Shipping fuels love and war in the fandom universe

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“What are your thoughts on Arrow?” a friend of mine recently asked. Being an all-around geek and TV fanatic, I, of course, have a lot of thoughts on Arrow. But I told her the most important one: “I ship Olicity so hard it’s not even funny.” “Um, what was that?” my friend asked, and I realized that I had just used Internet speak in everyday conversation. She was looking at me like I was crazy—and maybe she should have. From shipping to cute pet-names for fandoms, the Internet is a strange and singular place. I first heard of shipping when I was in high school and developing a slightly unhealthy obsession with Liz and Max from the alien teen show,…

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