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DIY MFA Radio Episode 109: Build Buzz Around Your Book – Interview with M.J. Rose

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This episode begins our collaboration with DIY MFA Radio, a podcast for readers and writers. In this episode, Gabriela Pereira talks with bestselling author M.J. Rose about how to build buzz around your book. Rose shares her insights about book promotion and the best time to bring in an expert to market your book. She also speaks to the etiquette involved with approaching other authors on social media, and reveals the best thing writers can do to market their own books. For more detailed show notes, visit DIYMFA.com/109.  

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This Holiday Season, Don’t Be A Rude Bitch!

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It’s hard, I know. The crowds in airports and shopping malls, the extended family time, and the children hopped up on candy and screaming for presents are all enough to turn even the calmest and politest people into raving bitches. But fear not: Celia Rivenbark has got you covered. Rivenbark is a nationally syndicated humor columnist and New York Times bestselling author. Plus, she’s from the South (where we all know only polite people live), so she clearly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to manners. Read on to learn some tips for handling the holidays from Rivenbark’s seventh book, Rude Bitches Make Me Tired (St. Martin’s Griffin, October). Someone’s invited you to a party. Now what do…

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