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Enter to Win an iPad Mini by Reviewing London Road: Link Stories by Tessa Smith McGovern

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London Road: Linked Stories by Tessa Smith McGovern is not your ordinary collection of short stories. The ebook feels like a short film, with detailed vignettes and rich snap-shots of life at number 17 London Road, a boarding house on the outskirts of London. The stories are written as a series of glimpses into the lives of several eccentric British women, each with their own distinctive voice and unique journey. Heartbreak, humor, pain, love, and friendship are seamlessly woven together to create this incredibly poignant and quirky collection. Interested in reading the stories? Click HERE to unlock a copy of the eBook and enter to win an iPad mini Sponsored by London Road: Linked Stories! Here are what some top Amazon…

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Books To Have And To Hold

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Reprinted from The New York Times by Verlyn Klinkenborg on August 10, 2013 I finish reading a book on my iPad — one by Ed McBain, for instance — and I shelve it in the cloud. It vanishes from my “device” and from my consciousness too. It’s very odd. When I read a physical book, I remember the text and the book — its shape, jacket, heft and typography. When I read an e-book, I remember the text alone. The bookness of the book simply disappears, or rather it never really existed. Amazon reminds me that I’ve already bought the e-book I’m about to order. In bookstores, I find myself discovering, as if for the first time, books I’ve already…

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