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Video: Missed It? Live Interview with Holly Peterson, Author of THE IDEA OF HIM

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  “Holly Peterson’s THE IDEA OF HIM is the perfect novel if you want to plunge into great dialogue, a twisting and unexpected plot, shady Wall Street schemes, betrayal, girl friends.. and sex. It is unputdownable.” –Lesley Stahl, CBS News 60 Minutes Anchor THE IDEA OF HIM Have you ever wanted someone, something, so badly to be true that you’d overlook every shred of evidence to the contrary? Enter Wade Crawford – the dazzling, urbane, hotshot magazine editor of Meter. With gorgeous hazel eyes, strong shoulders, a chiseled face, and long blondish hair, he was everything that Allie ever thought she wanted in a man and a husband. Until she realized he was anything but. The Idea of Him, the…

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