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Discovery of dinosaur eggs right out of Jurassic World

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This summer, dinosaurs will once more roam free, when Jurassic World (the latest installment in the $2 billion Jurassic Park series) hits movie screens on June 12. But in Heyuan, China, dinosaur eggs aren’t the stuff of sci-fi flicks. They’re for real. Road workers recently dug up 43 fossilized eggs while repairing one of Heyuan’s city streets. To the delight of scientists from the Heyuan Dinosaur Fossil Museum, 19 of the eggs (some of which measured as large as five inches across) were intact. Heyuan calls itself “The Home of the Dinosaurs,” and the eggs found this week are just the latest of more than 17,000 unearthed in the city. While more study will be needed to determine the species…

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