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A fresh twist on enchanted story style

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We’ve become a little obsessed with retellings this week (Retelling enchanced tales), and not just in books. Iconic fashion sometimes needs a bit of a modern twist as well. Inspired by our favorite young adult retellings, here are four modern takes on some classic heroines: The Queen of Heart: Inspired by the Queen of Hearts series by Colleen Oakes Queen of Hearts by rachelcarterya featuring ballet shoes In the Queen of Hearts series, Dinah often finds herself stuffed into elaborate dresses and skirts that she detests. We feel her pain, but that didn’t stop us from creating an outfit based around tulle and extravagance. The ballerina look is all the rage this season, and we love this blush-pink with a…

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Retelling favorite enchanted stories never goes out of style

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The young adult market can be a fickle place with trends gaining traction for a while and then quickly disappearing. Five years ago, vampire novels crowded the shelves. Now even dystopian novels are ‘out.’ Zombies are dead (ha!) and so are angels and demons. But there’s one category that never seems to go out of style: retellings. Retellings are stories that take a novel we know and love and “retell” it in a new, inspired way. The general plotline and the characters might be familiar, but somehow the story has been reimagined: maybe the characters are placed in a new setting, maybe someone who was once bad is now good, or maybe a lesser-known character finally gets a voice. We…

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