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Author Interview: Cynthia Swanson talks dual lives in The Bookseller

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What if? It’s a simple sentence, but one that’s so often packed with fear, anticipation, and wonder. And it’s one that Cynthia Swanson, author of The Bookseller (Harper Books, 2015), knows all too well. Her debut novel dives right into the heart of the question, forcing her main character to confront a phrase that so many of us run away from. The Bookseller’s 38-year-old Kitty Miller lives alone in Denver, 1962, runs a bookstore with her best friend, and generally enjoys her single (if slightly unconventional for the time period) lifestyle. But all of that changes when she dreams of 1963 and a different life, one where she married a man named Lars, and finds herself with two kids and…

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