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3 Bingeworthy Cooking Shows, and a Book, You’ll Absolutely Devour

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Confession time: I watch cooking shows in order to relax. There’s a calming factor in observing someone else make food—mixing up cake batters, telling you how much oil to pour in a pan. Rarely do I actually make the meals. Honestly, I don’t even watch for the recipes. It’s all about seeing the process: the chopping, the stirring, the sautéing and the eating. I don’t think I’m alone—why else would we become a nation obsessed with instagramming our meals? There’s something really satisfying about looking at food, both as it’s prepared and in its final presentation. So for my fellow foodies out there, here are three cooking shows (and one book!) to, well, devour. The Barefoot Contessa Out of all…

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