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The Nexus of Nerdom: From Paul Rudd to Zoe Saldana

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During a recent conversation at BookTrib, we started to notice that there is some serious overlap when it comes to nerdy movie franchises. “Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes AND The Hobbit,” someone said. “Well, John Barrowman is in Arrow and Doctor Who,” said another person. “Speaking of Doctor Who, Arthur Darvill used to be a companion, but now he’s going to play Rip Hunter on the new CW show Legends of Tomorrow, which is in the same universe as Arrow.” This went on for a while, until we realized something key: all roads lead back to Zoe Saldana. Yes, Zoe Saldana is the Kevin Bacon of the sci-fi world. Just take the new Marvel movie, Ant Man,…

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Abs as Flat as a Book — 10 of the Hottest Men of 2014

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Was 2014 a rough year for you? We have a little something to cheer you up. The hottest men around right now. That’s right, while you’re making your list of New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you should add this: stop and notice the finer things in life. Finer things being the AB-solutely sexy celebrity men who sauntered their way into our hearts this year. Has it occurred to you how many delicious men with killer abs appeared on our television and movie screens in 2014? Well, it’s time to take notice! That doesn’t even include the swoon-worthy athletes with admirable abs that excelled on the field this year.  Life is too short to miss a killer physique. We’re hot on the…

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