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Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Trend Alert! Girls Are On Fire — The Latest in Publishing

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One of the most popular title trends in the past few years has been to reference a woman’s position as it relates to her husband or father. We’ve seen The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Aviator’s Wife, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, The Apothecary’s Daughter, The Bonesetter’s Daughter. Etc, etc, etc. But a recent article we read by Jocelyn McClurg made us realize that the tide is shifting. Instead of focusing on the wife or the daughter, book titles are now turning to ‘girls.’ Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: ‘girls’ are everywhere in publishing these days. And sure, those particular titles are on the older side, but according to McClurg the trend is definitely…

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