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The Secret to Boosting Your Personal Brand

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We all know about elevator pitches but could you boil your personal brand down to three powerful, essential words? By knowing who you are, what you do better than anyone else and being true to that vision you can align yourself for success.   What three words make up your personal brand? Share in the comments below.   This post first appeared on April 20, 2015

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5 Morning habits that will boost your career

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The morning ritual. For some, it consists of nothing more than a rapid shower and a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts. But if you’re looking to add some spice to the start of your day and you’re focusing on your professional career, you’ll have to step things up. Stop hitting the snooze button and hit the ground running! If you had the opportunity ask the world’s most successful business leaders, you’d find that most of them are very active in the morning. As Entrepreneur notes, people like Richard Branson, Tory Burch, Jack Dorsey, Lord Alan Sugar, Indra Nooyi and Mark Zuckerberg get an early start. Did they read The Daily Habit Ritual (by Simon Wright, Amazon Digital Services)? Nah, they…

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