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Before You Plug into Netflix, We’ve Got Your Jessica Jones Cheat Sheet

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I’ve been waiting months for the premiere of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix and the debut of our first female comic-book anti-hero. As much as I dig Agent Carter, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, their heroics lean towards the squeaky-clean. Jessica Jones will be our first female hero with some grit under her nails, dirty laundry lying around the apartment, and the smell of alcohol on her breath. Up until now, flawed heroes were limited to men—Wolverine and Iron Man, to name a couple. Jessica will be our first 3-dimensional female superhero. And it’s not just because of the conventional noir trappings of too much hard living and hard drinking; it’s the character herself. She’s deeply damaged and powerfully conflicted.…

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Marvel’s courtship of Ava DuVernay: Is Hollywood finally waking up?

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The American Civil Liberties Union isn’t happy with Hollywood right now. The ACLU has called for an investigation into the “systematic failure” of the film industry to hire female directors. In response to this, The Directors Guild of America blamed networks and studios for the “deplorable” lack of women directors in Hollywood. But of course, actions speak louder than words. In a positive step for women in film, Marvel is courting Selma director Ava DuVernay; according to the report, she will either helm Captain Marvel or Black Panther. The former picture is Marvel’s first solo female superhero film, and The Black Panther is the first movie that boasts a hero of color in the leading role. If one considers DuVernay’s work in Selma, one could hazard a…

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