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Independent Bookstore Day celebrates a literary love affair

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The Independent Bookseller I open the door and the old-fashioned bell jangles overhead.  It’s a pleasant, welcoming sound; almost as pleasant as the aroma wafting from the shelves.  Only those with a deep-seated love of the printed word understand that smell.  It’s not musty or moldy.  It’s complex and multilayered, impregnated with the treasure trove of knowledge from which it emanates.  It hints at undiscovered mysteries, heretofore unknown experiences, and insights yet to be gleaned. Behind the counter is the owner.  He’s a lean, even wiry, man with spectacles pushed halfway down his nose.  A pair of sharp, appraising eyes acknowledges my presence and he smiles.  He doesn’t smile because I’m a frequent customer; he smiles because we share the…

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