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BOOK NEWS ROUNDUP: Naya Rivera’s Insider Look at Glee; Langston Hughes Banned in Texas Prisons; Most Challenged Books of 2016

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Welcome back to our mid-week book news roundup, where we find the most interesting and noteworthy happenings in the book world and share it with you! In honor of Banned Books Week, we have a few stories featuring diversity and tough topics, check them out below: Langston Hughes and Bob Dole Books Banned in Texas Prisons Texas prisons are doing the unthinkable, they’re banning books! And if you’re one of the inmates there, you’re not going to be allowed to read anything you want, ya know, like Bob Dole or Harriet Beecher Stowe. Why? Well, The Guardian reports that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is banning nearly 15,000 books from the correctional facilities it operates, including books by Langston…

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