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6 Locations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List Thanks to Lonely Planet

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Like many of you, I dream of distant lands—raging waterfalls that cascade over the jungle’s edge, villas stacked tightly along the cliffs and oceans so clear you can see to the bottom. Then, the phone rings and I’m sucked out of my computer screensaver and back to reality. You feel my pain. So, when Lonely Planet released ULTIMATE TRAVEL: Our List of the 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked, (Lonely Planet; October 20, 2015) I was sold. I’ve long been filling my mental bucket of places I must see; If I had it my way, I’d be flying on a plane tonight to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, wailing tomatoes at strangers in Buñol, Spain (La Tomatina festival is…

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A castaway romance in the South Pacific

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While it won’t happen this year, my wife and I have long vowed to return to the most romantic vacation we ever took, our honeymoon back in 1986 to Turtle Island in Fiji. We both had high-pressure jobs, mine on First Boston’s hectic trading floor, hers at Sotheby’s in their American Paintings Department. While we had been dating off and on for almost seven years, we chose what we hoped would be the most idyllic, remote, and isolated destination possible. Rather than meet the demands of clients, markets or our bosses, we wanted two weeks to focus solely on each other, without disruption. A castaway South Pacific island resort sounded like the perfect tonic, and we vowed to leave directly…

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