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Friendship in Appalachia: Sweet Tea Rosemary Grilled Chicken inspired by Kathryn Magendie’s SWEETIE

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Shy and scientific-minded Melissa is the polar opposite of Sweetie, who finds magic in all she sees and possesses boundless energy and courage. In Sweetie (Bell Bridge Books, 2010), Kathryn Magendie chronicles the adventures and tragedies of these two girlhood friends as they come of age. Melissa’s mother simply doesn’t know what to make of her daughter’s new friend who seems to pop in and out of the thicket near their mountain community on a whim. Wondering about the girl’s seeming lack of supervision, never able to grasp the fact that her name is Sweetie not “Sweet Tea,” Melissa’s mother is unsure if her daughter should continue her friendship with the unusual girl. The devotion Sweetie and Melissa feel for each other, however, outweighs…

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