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“Olicity” Watch: You Better Bee-lieve That Olicity is Endgame

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Beeee warned: the insect puns are strong in this one. Not that I’m complaining. Last night’s episode was all about levity and wordplay and giving the angst a much-needed break. Here’s our “Olicity” Watch for 4×17, “Beacon of Hope”: oilversqueen.tumblr.com Recap: Brie Larvan and her killer bees (previously seen on The Flash) show up in Star City, wrecking havoc at Palmer Tech while The Bug-Eyed Bandit tries to steal the bio-chip embedded in Felicity’s spine. It’s a lighter episode all around, which: THANK GOD. The last few months have been an angst bomb of paralysis and break ups, and “Beacon of Hope” feels like a breath of fresh air. Most of that air is courtsey of Donna…

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