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The Body Beautiful: Marjorie Goodson Turns Her Love of Dance into Art in ‘MG’

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Marjorie Goodson is the daughter of famed game show producer Mark Goodson (Family Feud, The Price is Right, Beat the Clock). She began at the prestigious School of American Ballet when she was only eight. This experience sparked an enduring love of ballet and dance that would sustain her for the rest of her life. Goodson has always loved using her body artistically. With her new book, Goodson hopes to inspire other women by letting them know they, too, can find their passion and confidence at any age. BookTrib recently spoke with Marjorie about her book, MG, advice for empty nesters and, of course, her passion for dance. BookTrib: The book is beautiful. What made you decide to do this…

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Dancing towards unattainable perfection in Maggie Shipstead’s ASTONISH ME

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A former dance teacher once told me that the essence of ballet can be encapsulated in one word: up. Modern dancers, with their shoulder rolls and deep, sweeping lunges, stay close to the floor, while ballet dancers are in a constant battle with gravity: chins high, necks elongated, muscles constantly tugging on bones to lift arms and legs up, up, up. There is even a word—ballon—for when a ballet dancer appears to hover in the air longer than is physically possible, a pertinent symbol of what dancers spend the entirety of their careers slaving over: the appearance of effortlessness in the face of utmost control, a virtually unobtainable illusion. With this in mind, it’s understandable that most of the dancers…

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