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Novel Concept Episode 7: Angela Palm

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Writing can be a solitary experience, which is why so many authors tend to form writing groups as sources of support both for their writing and themselves. In this episode of Novel Concept, host Rachel Carter speaks with nonfiction author Angela Palm, an occasional BookTrib contributor, about the writing group they share. It’s an intimate look into their own experiences as working writers, what they look for in a support system, and the ways writing groups have shaped their work. Palm is the author of Riverine: A Memoir from Anywhere but Here, which won the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize and is due to be published in August 16, 2016. Her writing has appeared in Brevity, Diagram, The Pilgrim, and Little Fiction.…

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A love-song to libraries that inspired fantastic travels of the mind

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My debut book, Please Do Not Remove (Wind Ridge Books 2014), is an anthology of prose and poetry inspired by old library check out cards. The book’s premise began as a compulsion akin to Maggie Nelson’s attraction to blue, of which she writes in Bluets, “Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color… It began slowly. An appreciation, an affinity. Then, one day, it became more serious. Then (looking into an empty teacup, its bottom stained with thin brown excrement coiled into the shape of a sea horse) it become somehow personal.” I was perusing etsy.com at midnight, looking for a Secret Santa gift for a fellow writer, when my obsession began.…

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