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Exploring San Francisco’s Fairyland with Alysia Abbott

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When Alysia Abbott’s mother died in a car accident, her father Steve took his 3-year-old daughter to San Francisco, where he could be out and proud as a poet and gay activist in the 1970s and ’80s. In her memoir, Fairyland (released in paperback on June 2nd, and recently named a 2014 Stonewall Honor Book), Alysia reflects on her unorthodox upbringing. “It’s a bad kind of life you’re giving Alysia, growing up around queers,” one of Steve’s boyfriends remarked. Yet Alysia strangely relished being “the only child among adults and the only girl among men.” There was something very special about the Abbotts’ relationship: “There were no models. For better and for worse, my father was making up the rules…

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