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Maia Chance Gives Fairy Tale Princesses Alternate Prince Charmings for Valentine’s Day!

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Maia Chance writes historical mystery novels that are rife with absurd predicaments and romantic adventure. Her most recent novel, Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna was released February 2. Let’s face it, you guys. Fairy tale princes really aren’t in the same league as their princesses. Fairy tale princesses may be valiant, beautiful and resourceful, but—correct me if I’m wrong—the princes a) are too handsome (there would be some competition for the retinol-C skin serum), b) have all the personality of button mushrooms and c) are kinda, well, creepy. Yes, creepy. Think about how Snow White’s Mr. Right “falls in love” with her while she’s dead in a crystal casket. Ew. Or how the Little Mermaid’s heartthrob is super into her when she…

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