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August’s Author Crush: The Versatile Gena Showalter Nails it Every Time

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It’s rare to find an author who can seamlessly move between different genres – especially when you happen to adore all the genres they write in. But that’s been our experience with Gena Showalter, who writes everything from paranormal romances to adventurous young adult series to sexy contemporaries filled with hot alpha men. At this point, we haven’t read anything by Showalter that we don’t love. Because of her versatility and her ability to make us fall for every story she writes, Gena Showalter is our official Author Crush for August. This is a crush that’s been developing for years. Showalter wrote her first book in 2004 and since then she’s written over 25 titles. Over 25!! In 12 years!!…

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Jonesin’ for a Fix: Books for TV Addicts — Walking Dead Edition

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TV addiction is real! It is a condition I’m plagued with every day of my life. Now that we’ve established I have a compulsion to watch television on a daily basis (raise your hand if you suffer from this, too), it’s no surprise that I go a bit mad when my shows, in this case, The Walking Dead, finishes up for the season. Why do you do this to us, AMC? It’s torture! Hiatuses are such a drag, especially when you’re invested in a post-apocalyptic world where the dead are trying to eat your brains and the people that you love, or just tolerate, are dropping like flies. Have no fear, Books for TV Addicts are here! The break between…

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