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Jonesin’ for a Fix: Books for TV Addicts (Agents of SHIELD edition)

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Hail Hydra! No, just kidding. We’re on the SHIELD team all the way, although to be technical right now it’s more like Agents of NOTHING. When we last left our heroes at the season finale of Marvel Agents of SHIELD, Phil Coulson—agent extraordinaire and their fearless leader—had gone all Sheldon Cooper and was writing on the walls. We’d like to tell you it was a scientific formula except we have no idea. We also have no idea just what alien secrets lurk in agents Coulson and Skye, whether sudden mega-human John Garrett will stay dead, if engineer Leo Fitz will ever be himself again and if Melinda “the Cavalry” May will ever admit her affection for Coulson. And what about…

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