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12 Things you probably didn’t know about Leonard Nimoy

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We’re going to come right out with it —we loved Leonard Nimoy, and from the reaction we saw on Twitter on February 27 when he passed, you loved him, too. Nerds and blerds, neo-cons and Comic-Cons, LGBT activists and librarians, media personalities and grassroots fans all paid loving tribute to this American icon. Nimoy’s accomplishments are well known, or so we thought. We knew about Star Trek and his early movies and television shows, his directorial triumphs, his passion for photography and his Jewish culture, but surprisingly, there was quite a bit we didn’t know, including: 1. He could read and write fluently in Yiddish. In fact, both Nimoy and  co-star William Shatner were descended from Ukrainian Jews. 2. Nimoy…

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